At Applied Resource Group, we have multiple conversations with customers, candidates, and internal team members. In each of these conversations we exchange information and create value by sharing information. We are constantly learning. Each of these conversations are steps towards building trust and lead us to our mission “building lasting relationships.” The conversations that we have with candidates, clients, and each other shape our success.

This weekend we started Susan Scott’s, “Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time.” This book offers strategies for transforming everyday interactions into opportunities for growth, clarity, and action—principles that are particularly relevant in our field.

Understanding Fierce Conversations

She defines a fierce conversation as one in which we come out from behind ourselves, into the conversation, and make it real. This means embracing transparency, honesty, and a willingness to tackle the tough issues head-on. For recruiters, this approach can lead to more authentic connections with candidates, more productive discussions with clients, and a more cohesive, motivated team.

Key Takeaways for Recruiters

  1. Tackle the Real Issues:
    In recruitment, it’s easy to get caught up in surface-level details. Scott encourages us to dive deeper, addressing the underlying concerns and motivations of both candidates and clients. This means asking probing questions and listening intently, ensuring we truly understand the needs and aspirations of those we serve.
  2. Create an Open Dialogue:
    A fierce conversation is a two-way street. It’s not just about expressing our own thoughts but also about genuinely listening and valuing the input of others. By fostering an environment where open dialogue is encouraged, we can uncover new insights and build stronger, more collaborative relationships.
  3. Embrace Vulnerability:
    Authenticity requires vulnerability. As recruiters, admitting when we don’t have all the answers or when we’ve made a mistake can be daunting. However, Scott argues that this openness is crucial for building trust and credibility. By being honest about our own experiences and challenges, we can create a more supportive and resilient team culture.
  4. Drive for Clarity and Resolution:
    Fierce conversations aim for clarity and resolution, not conflict. Scott emphasizes the importance of being direct yet respectful, ensuring that all parties leave the conversation with a clear understanding of the next steps. In recruitment, this clarity can expedite the hiring process and lead to better matches between candidates and roles.

Applying Fierce Conversations at Applied Resource Group

At Applied Resource Group, we’re committed to integrating the principles of fierce conversations into our daily practices. Here’s how:

  • Candidate Engagement:
    We’re enhancing our interview techniques to include more in-depth, meaningful questions that reveal the true potential and fit of each candidate. By doing so, we can better match candidates with roles that align with their career goals and our clients’ needs.
  • Client Relationships:
    We’re fostering more transparent and collaborative relationships with our clients, ensuring we fully understand their hiring challenges and aspirations. This allows us to provide more tailored, effective recruitment solutions.
  • Team Development:
    We’re creating a culture of open communication within our team, where every member feels valued and heard. Regular feedback sessions and team meetings are designed to encourage honest dialogue and continuous improvement.


“Fierce Conversations” offers a roadmap for transforming the way we communicate. At Applied Resource Group, we’re excited to embrace these principles, enhancing our recruitment processes and fostering a more engaged, motivated team. By doing so, we’re not just filling roles; we’re building lasting relationships and contributing to the success of both our candidates and clients.

So, Let’s have those fierce conversations daily and grow together.