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20 Best Practices for Talent Acquisition

Building great companies start with hiring great people. Finding ideal candidates is a continuous process that involves the perfect blend of art and science.

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What is an Employer of Record?

What is an Employer of Record?

Establishing a business entity overseas is a powerful opportunity for business owners. It gives you access to new markets, broadens the talent pool, and lowers the costs of project development. To ensure that bureaucracy hoops don’t hold you back from exploring the...

This City is Ready to be the Next Big Tech Hub

This City is Ready to be the Next Big Tech Hub

For years, Atlanta has had a strong labor force. With its influx of new professionals from the local colleges, its talent pipeline is enviable. And, if the latest tech jobs trend continues, it may earn a new reputation. Atlanta is primed to be known as a big tech hub...

How to Break the Supply Chain Bottleneck

How to Break the Supply Chain Bottleneck

According to CBS, there are currently half a million shipping containers filled with goods from various Asian countries waiting to be offloaded. Compound this with a shortage of truck drivers, backed up railroad terminals, and warehouse worker shortages, and you have...