Sometimes when you accept a new job, you won’t start right away. In some cases, you may have to wait several weeks before you join your team. This in-between period can often lead to second-guessing. “Did I make the right choice?” Here’s how to stay engaged with a company while you’re waiting to start, so you won’t doubt your decision.

Sign Up for the Newsletter

First, you should sign up for your organization’s newsletter, if they have one. This way, you can be reminded of why you chose this company and job in the first place. The newsletter will keep you updated on company culture, what projects they’re working on, and how you’ll help them reach their goals.

Ask to Attend Company Events

Now, during Covid, it may be a bit more challenging to attend company events. But, you can go to virtual events like team happy hours on Zoom. This helps you get to know your teammates on a personal level before you all get closer professionally. And, you can hit the ground running as “one of the team” instead of having that awkward new-person-at-school first day.

Find Industry Resources

I know, I know, this sounds like homework. But, if you ask your new boss to provide you with resources to help you learn the industry better, this helps. You’ll have a knowledge of what’s happening in your field, so you can bring new insight to the company. And, it again reminds you of why you were excited to initially take the role.

Get a Work Buddy

Finally, one way to ensure you feel a part of your team before you start is to get a work buddy. Ask your boss to connect you with one of your teammates, so you can have a friendly face in your corner when you start. This person can take you to lunch on your first day, or they can set up a virtual coffee chat to discuss some ins and outs of the job.

If you follow these steps on how to stay engaged with a company while you’re waiting to start, you shouldn’t have any doubt you made the right decision. Also, consider reaching out to Applied Resource Group, Atlanta’s top staffing firm, before you start the new position. It’s always good to connect before you need a job than when you’re desperate for work. And, conversations can lead to a lot of places that you wouldn’t have even considered before reaching out.


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