easily manage the flexibility

Contingent Workforce

On-demand talent that is high-quality and aligned to the specific business needs

Temporary talent to meet your immediate needs 

Eliminate risk with greater agility when you pay for exceptional performance. A Contingent Workforce brings the skills and flexibility critical to your company’s immediate success. Attracting the right talent and managing the process is time-consuming and full of risk.

Discover all of the benefits with the right   Contingent Workforce partner.

Unifying Talent Acquisiton

We help our clients with multiple locations, positions, and teams to unify their talent acquisition processes thus saving time and resources from disparaging silos of information.

Niche Hiring

Companies entrust Applied Resrouce group with hard-to-fill positions, typically from the highly transitional or heavily regulated nature of certain industries. RPO presents tremendous growth opportunities to fill these roles with top talent. 

Talent Assurance

Gain assurance in adding top talent from the improved speed, quality, and retention of new hires. Strengthen employer brand and talent-continuity to significantly reduce acquisition costs.

Create an extension of your team to unify talent acquisition with speed and agility.  Apply the right resource today. 

We get it. Finding Contingent Workforce talent is hard,
we’re here to help.

Our proven multi-step recruitment processes identifies the right talent resources and guarantees a compatible fit. After all, talent extends beyond a resume’.  



Business Analysis

We listen and understand your business goal and analyze your needs to determine the best outcomes. 


Candidate Research

We use a blend of systems and technology to find the best possible candidate who meets your business goals.


Acumen Identification

With our extensive information on highly qualified professionals, we locate the right candidate and include the ones not actively searching.


Wholistic Evaluation

We understand that a person is more than just their qualifications on the resume. We ensure they match the culture of your team.



We remove the burden and challenge of negotiations, offering guidance throughout the process.


Follow Through

We don’t stop when you have the ideal candidate. We continue to support the growth of your organization.  When you win, we win.