Customer success (CS) empowers business growth through fostering relationships, delivering positive customer experiences, and promoting customer retention. So, how do they do this? They use these five customer success software that increase efficiency. is a single-solution software that transforms your workplace. In fact, it allows you to plan, track, and deliver company-wide all of your organization’s activities. More than 125,000 companies use this software including NBC and Hulu.


  • Project management
  • Sales and CRM
  • 200+ pre-built workflows
  • Customizable templates
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Task management


ClientSuccess drives customer retention and growth across your entire company. It allows you to perfect the customer journey experience, from onboarding, to renewal and growth. This scalable software empowers you to deliver strategic insights to key stakeholders, and collaborate with other teams to deliver the best customer experience.


  • Gmail and Office 365 integration
  • SuccessCycle for success managament
  • Revenue managmeent
  • Contact management
  • SuccessScore for customer health
  • CRM syncing
  • Alerts and reporting


Gainsight helps your business improve adoption, reduce churn, and land & expand deals. It delivers an improved CSM experience for organizations, and is trusted by clients like Marketo and Verizon Connect. Recently, their time-to-value was reduced by 66 percent, so companies see ROI faster.


  • Health scores of customers
  • Analytics that recognize trends and risks
  • In-app engagement capabilities
  • Revenue optimization
  • Forecasting
  • Account mapping


Another customer success software that high-performing professionals and teams use is UserIQ. UserIQ delivers a deeper understanding of client user behavior, so your company can anticipate change and create winning experiences. In fact, the software helps you identify at-risk accounts, which provides CS teams insights on who to reach out to and when.


  • Customer health score and dashboard
  • Outcome-driven plans of attack
  • In-app user engagements
  • Account management
  • Customer playbooks


Finally, ChurnZero is another top customer success software. It specializes in SaaS companies to help these organizations prevent customer churn. Additionally, it integrates with third-party apps and tools to allow for company synergy. ChurnZero is a top-ranked CS software by Capterra.


  • Customer health scores
  • In-app communications
  • Real-time alerts
  • Customer journeys
  • Plays & automation
  • Reports
  • Walkthroughs

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