Sales Management professionals empower organizations to generate leads to drive sales revenue. They do this by defining processes, building operations, and delivering new opportunities for companies. But, they don’t do it alone. They use innovative tools to increase productivity, so they can improve your business’ sales pipeline. Here are the seven sales management software essential for success.


Salesforce is easily the most recognizable sales management software on this list. As a customer relationship manager (CRM), it’s arguably a solution for businesses of every size. They have products in several different cloud categories: commerce, sales, service, data, marketing, community, analytics, and app. Salesforce has more than 100,000 customers around the world.


  • Real-time reports, dashboards, and advanced analytics
  • Automated processes
  • Account and lead management
  • Opportunity discovery
  • Seamless integration with marketing automation software


Freshworks is a CRM that specializes in personalized engagement. In fact, personal content has been proven to shorten sales cycle. Freshworks was recognized by Gartner Magic Quadrant as a 2021 Sales Force Automation recipient. Their software allows you to focus on opportunities and leads, so you can increase your sales pipeline.


  • 360° view of your customers through real-time analytics
  • Automated sales tasks
  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Customizable web forms
  • Action and page tracking (User intent)


Pipedrive is unique because it’s a CRM designed by salespeople, for salespeople. Additionally, they offer a Pipedrive sales approach that increases sales by 28 percent! It’s used by more than 95,000 companies around the world, and boasts a 93 percent customer support satisfaction rate.


  • Top-ranking ease of setup and ease of use
  • Customizable, interactive reports
  • Open API and integrations
  • Customizable pipelines
  • Pipeline tracking


Salesmate is a CRM and sales automation software that offers simple, personal, and productive experiences. It’s used in more than 70 countries by more than 4,000 teams, including Sony Music. Additionally, they offer live chat, email, phone, and one-on-one video personalized customer support.


  • Activity tracking
  • Personalized automated outreach
  • Automated sales sequences
  • Custom dashboards and reports
  • Sales forecasting
  • Third-party app integration

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers flexibility because it’s available as both a cloud or on-premise solution. Also, it’s highly customizable using advanced extensions, so you can use it for your business’ specific needs. You also get the brand recognition with Microsoft, which means you can expect the same high level of customer service you get with all Microsoft products.


  • Custom activities
  • Goal management
  • Document management
  • Grid filters


Pega is an AI-powered CRM that drives greater engagement across the whole customer journey. It was named to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as a 2021 CRM Customer Engagement Center leader, which is the 12th consecutive year it’s received the award. One of the major reasons is Pega’s ability to work for businesses of all size.


  • Email management
  • Real-time data
  • Sales automation
  • Mobile access
  • Customer profile designer
  • Third-party app integration


Finally, the last of the seven sales management software is Pipeliner. Pipeliner is a CRM designed to maximize your sales team’s revenue. Recently, G2 named it a 2021 Fall Leader for CRMs.


  • Revenue forecasting
  • Advanced sales analytics and reporting
  • Pipeline management
  • Relationship maps
  • Account organizational charts
  • Account matrixes

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