Business Development professionals empower businesses to increase financial growth through brand recognition. They do this by defining market trends, building business ideas, and delivering revenue increase. A big part of this entails project management. You need to know what your team is capable of before you can scale. So, what’s their secret? They use these five business development software, and it improves productivity exponentially.


Trello empowers collaboration, project manage management, and increased productivity. Trello allows you to fully understand how long a project takes each department, so you can understand where you can expand your business. Its intuitive design means this software is ready for immediate implementation.


  • Project timelines
  • Dashboards
  • Custom buttons
  • Assignment scheduling
  • Third party app integration


Asana is another great business development software that allows you to understand bottlenecks within your organization. It’s great for organizational organization, so you can get insights where your company can increase its productivity.


  • Deadline tracker
  • Graph data model
  • Project boards
  • Project briefs
  • Project dependency assigner
  • Custom templates


Wrike empowers business developers to unlock growth opportunities by recognizing work flow. This project management software improves productivity and accountability. Some of their clients include Google, Dell, and Lyft.


  • Team-specific automation
  • Custom dashboards
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Advanced security
  • Third party app integration


Slack transforms the way your team works by allowing convenient communication between colleagues. You can create individual channels for teams so they can easily talk about projects. Also, since it’s cloud based, it increases organizational flexibility.


  • Up to 20G storage capability
  • Custom workflows
  • SAML-based SSO
  • Screen sharing
  • 24/7 support team

Finally, offers more than 200 workflows to increase productivity. Not only does it allow for project management, but it also serves as a sales CRM, and can be used by HR, sales and marketing, and IT. More than 125,000 companies worldwide use


  • Customizable templates
  • Task automation
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 8 data visualizations
  • Exportable images
  • 40+ integrations

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