Virtual reality has become our reality. Because of the pandemic, more and more live events are taking place online. Today it’s quite common to host parties, attend concerts, and take professional development classes through Zoom and other online streaming methods. Companies are also utilizing this emerging trend for their recruiting efforts. Here’s how to plan a virtual hiring event.

Virtual Open Houses

According to Monster, one great way to begin implementing virtual events into your recruiting strategy is through virtual open houses. These present potential candidates the opportunity to learn more about an organization. You can do this through online “meet and greets”, tours, and Q & A sessions.

Virtual Job Fairs

Similarly, you can host virtual job fairs. You can plan this like you would a job fair, but with more structure. For example, offer time slots where interested candidates can chat with your recruiting team. Granted, this won’t be as informal and free-flowing as an in-person job fair, but you also expand your talent pool by allowing interested applicants from all over the country—and the world—to attend instead of people within a geographical radius.

Video Interviews

Also, one big element of how to plan a virtual hiring event is video interviews. Video interviews during your event can allow you to hire multiple employees at once to fill scaling teams. Because these interviews often involve candidates who are in their home, you get more insights about applicants. You can quickly discover interests and how qualified candidates can fit into your company culture.

Create a Checklist

Just like all major endeavors, virtual hiring events require a lot of logistics to make them successful. Therefore, here’s a checklist you can use:

  • Promote your event. Your virtual hiring event won’t be successful if no one attends, so you need to make sure you get people to RSVP. Post on social media channels, email potentially interested candidates, and use other marketing tactics to reach out to top talent.
  • Plan a schedule. This is important because it gives attendees a chance to plan their day. They can prioritize events that relate to their interests and career fields. Plus, the structure you create allows for a better overall experience for all parties.
  • Set your speakers and personnel. Also, you should secure what employees and positions you need to create your virtual hiring event content. You should have members of your recruiting team there to answer questions, but what other titles do you need?
  • Create a follow-up plan. Finally, make sure you have a follow-up plan to contact all of the attendees. Remember, a positive candidate experience is critical if you want to hire top talent. Have a plan of action for how you’ll keep candidates informed of their application status, and other potential candidates interested in future roles at your company.

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