You finally worked up the courage to end a toxic relationship. But, as you go to break up with your significant other, they beg you to change your mind. They claim they’ll be different, and they’ll change. So, you stay, and soon you’re back in the same boat you were in before. That’s exactly what happens when you give your company your two weeks notice and they come back with a counter offer. Here’s why you shouldn’t accept a counter offer from your current job.

Status Quo

Your partner promises they’ll change. But, we all know old dogs don’t learn new tricks. So, they’ll be different initially, but ultimately they’ll revert to their true self. The same thing happens with your job. According to LinkedIn, the underlying issues that caused you to want to resign haven’t changed. You’ll still be underappreciated or you won’t like your manager. However, your salary will increase. If that’s enough for you, then you’ll be happy.

Your Motivation

Remember, your motivation for giving your two weeks notice in the first place won’t suddenly disappear either. If you felt bored at work and need a new challenge, a counter offer doesn’t change this. In fact, Forbes argues the only reason you may be getting a counter offer is so your boss doesn’t have to deal with a loss of productivity. If this is the case, why would you want to stay with a company that truly doesn’t value you, but instead only views you as a cog in the machine?

Back on the Job Market

Interestingly, CNBC claims that most people who do accept the counter offer are back on the job market within 6-12 months. So, if you take the counter offer, you’re giving up an exciting new opportunity you had lined up to go back through the interview process. Why give up a guaranteed position you were looking forward to for nothing?

So, if you hand in your two weeks notice and your boss tries to negotiate, remember why you shouldn’t accept a counter offer. And, consider reaching out to Applied Resource Group, Atlanta’s top staffing firm, to find a new position. Conversations can lead to a lot of places that you wouldn’t have even considered before reaching out.




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