General Questions

What does ARG specialize in?

Software Development

Big Data/BI




While these five verticals are our expertise, we work on other roles as well. Feel free to reach out to us if you don’t fit one of these specific industries and we will see if we can help.

How is ARG different?

Our biggest competitive advantage over other agencies and internal recruiters, is the relationships we make with our candidates and our clients. We truly know the people we partner with and that makes it possible to find the perfect individuals that not only fit the technical acumen you are seeking, but match on an interpersonal and cultural level as well. Also, our industry knowledge helps us not only find strong candidates but consult on a higher level of the strategy to resolve your specific business challenge; whether that be a certain skill set, job title or compensation analysis.

For Clients

Does ARG screen candidates? Does ARG meet candidates face - to -face?

For every resume we receive, we screen the candidate and fact check.  Being a nationwide staffing partner and due to geographical restrictions, we are not able to meet face to face with all candidates.  If the candidate and client is local, we prefer to meet in-person, as well as walk-in the candidate for his/her onsite interview with the client.

What do current clients say about ARG?

“I gave ARG my hardest jobs and they DELIVERED!  I had a diverse collection of openings and needed some obscure skills. She was resourceful and responsive every step of the way.”

“Brilliant Group of people and friendly environment.”

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for helping me find my job and get hired with them. My first week is almost over, and I can already tell it’s going to be a great experience. I may not have found that position or made it through the interviewing process without your help, so I’m very thankful! What you do really makes a difference, and I would be quick to refer my friends to you, should they ever be in the job market.”

What is ARG’s current client profile?

Our current client profile ranges from small business to Fortune 50. The industries or verticals we focus on include but not limited to: Software Development, Big Data/Business Intelligence, ERP, Manufacturing/Engineering and Infrastructure

What can ARG do for me?

ARG can help in the short-term with an urgent need, or the long-term, by planning for future projects.  Regardless, our clients will result in an increase of ROI while achieving a lower time to market.

Does ARG staff full time or temporary roles?

Both, Applied Resource Group is a full- service staffing agency. We staff full-time, temporary and contract to hire roles. Check out all our staffing services.

Do you only work with companies in the Atlanta area?

We love to work with our neighbors so we can meet them face to face but we have lots of clients all over the United States. Some in Canada too!

What is ARG’s candidate placement success rate?

98% of our candidates are successful and make it past the specified warrantee period. We have a proven history of placing candidates in positions where they become tenured employees.

For Candidates

What is the cost to the candidate?

Free, there is no cost to the candidate. We work for our clients to target candidates with skill sets that our clients are looking for. We provide free assistance to the candidate to help them have the most positive experience working with an agency like us.

How do I know if my resume has been reviewed for the position I applied for?

You can call our direct line at 678-735-7400 and ask one of our recruiters to look into the position and ensure that your resume gets into the right hands.

What’s the advantage of working with an agency recruiter?

We are here to help you! Clients are transparent with us, and we will give you honest feedback that we receive from the clients. We can help negotiate salary and benefits for you, consult on your resume and coach you through the interview/ interview process.

How often should I follow up with my recruiter?

24- 48 hours. If you can’t get a hold of us via phone, feel free to text or email us. Our promise to you is to keep you updated every step of the way. We are human and can get busy, but we will get back to you and update you on any new information.

Does ARG work with all authorization statuses?

We are happy to help all candidates in any way that we can. Sometimes our clients are not able to provide sponsorship for certain roles. We recommend discussing your work authorization status with your specific recruiter.

Do you offer contractor benefits?

We are pleased to work with W2 and C2C (if the contractor is their own company) contractors. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot work with 1099 contractors.

What type of contractors do you work with?

We are pleased to work with W2 and C2C (if the contractor is their own company) contractors. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot work with 1099 contractors.

“I don’t fit any of the jobs posted on the ARG Careers page, Can I still speak with a recruiter?”

Yes, absolutely. We prefer it that way. If you are looking for a job immediately, we are happy to send a confidential version of your resume to our current clients and even prospective clients to see if you would match any roles they have in house. If you are just shopping around for the perfect position, then we would love to hear all about your experience and search and let you know if a position better suited for your skill set opens up. We love to build relationships with our candidates.

What does the interview process look like? Do you have any insider information about this role/company?

Each client has their own interview process. We hope to have all the information you need for the first interview but day to day expectations of the job should be asked during the initial phone interview.  If you have very specific questions please reach out to your recruiter and they will handle getting the answer from the client.