Creating an experience on LinkedIn is critical to your career now more than ever. No matter which generation you are a part of, it is always important to put your best foot forward when representing yourself. Today, many first impressions are made on social media platforms. If you are job searching, networking, or growing your personal career, the first step is building your personal brand on LinkedIn. Potential employers, customers, and connections make snap judgments on who you are based on your LinkedIn profile.

It’s important to “wow” the audience you are captivating. That can be done in many ways such as; branding, creating an aesthetic social page, highlighting your achievements, facilitating open discussions, tagging your social network, congratulating companies and friends, and generating unique content.

Following these steps can help you grow your social audience, personal brand, and credibility.

Step 1: Create a Profile People Want to See


Use the same colors and fonts for everything you post. Your followers should know it’s you by the post colors, content and by your name. Keep your LinkedIn profile picture consistent, professional and brand appropriate. Your background photo should be relevant and consistent with your profile picture and profile brand. If you work for a Pike’s Nursery, showcase the beautiful landscape Pike’s creates generating interest for your outdoor craftsman target audience.

Unique Content

Ultimately, content is key, moreover, relevant content is key. Showing your expertise is vital to creating content and posts that attract your target audience. If you are in sales, demonstrate how your service helps your followers fill a need. If you are selling landscape services, create posts and content about DIY outdoor projects to gain trusted followers, building brand awareness for when bigger landscape project needs to be done and you are top of mind. Eighty percent of your posts should be relevant content for your target audience and the other twenty percent should be selling your services.

Step 2: Attracting Followers 


Networking is crucial to finding new followers that are interested in your expertise. Relevant events about your business or personal brand are enjoyable because not only you are learning, you’re promoting your services as well, by handing out business cards and shaking hands. It’s always best practice to give out business cards with your name and connect on LinkedIn with the people that you meet at the events. 

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The central theme of your LinkedIn profile is what your posts should be centered around and attaching a popular hashtag to the post will allow LinkedIn to share it with other users who are interested in that topic. If a user searches that hashtag the post will appear attracting more of the right audience to your profile. 

Unlike Instagram, hashtags should be used scarcely. Place 3-5 relevant hashtags within and at the bottom of your posts and blog descriptions. Follow the steps listed below to accurately place hashtags in your LinkedIn posts. 

Hashtag 1: What is the post about?  #Jobpost #Marketing #Technology #DIY 

Hashtag 2: Content? #digitalmedia #Javascript #resumes #bigdata #branding

Hashtag 3: Tie in your personal brand. #socialsharing #Pikeslandscape #StaffingConsultant 


Get Involved

You are not the only one writing in your space on LinkedIn and that’s okay, join in on the conversation that other influencers are creating. Share their posts and write your own spin on the article for higher reach, awareness, and credibility in your target audience. Tag and congratulate friends, coworkers, and family when they achieve an accomplishment to not only keep you top of mind but also for their audience to see you.

After you have successfully built your brand by using these tips your social followers will start to grow. Just remember that your brand should also match with your companies. Now go out and build your brand!