After an on-site interview with a potential new employer, the key is to make meeting you an unforgettable experience–in a really good way! Whether it’s an email or a handwritten note (a nice personal touch), make sure the interviewers know what a great experience you had throughout the interview process and how excited you are by the opportunity of joining their team.

Send that thank-you note ASAP. Stash cards and a pen in your car, so you can write them right after the interview and drop them off with the receptionist. For an email, draft your electronic thank you letter before you even leave for the interview so you can revise it and hit ‘send’ as soon as you get the chance.

Use this thank you note template for either a handwritten or electronically sent note and feel free to add a little and customize, depending on the role and discussions you had during the interview. It’s also a good idea to create a specialized note for each person directly involved in your interview. The more custom the thank you note, the better. If you can include a line in your note about a specific conversation you had with the interviewer (whether professional or personal), they will appreciate your listening skills and start to build a personal relationship with you.

Respect their time. Keep it brief.Your goal is simply to express gratitude for their interest/time and give one last positive impression of your candidacy–no need for a formal, 5 paragraph letter.

Use your best judgement. If the people you met at the interview seemed like they would appreciate a good old-fashioned handwritten note, breaking out the stationary would distinguish you from the rest of the crowd. If the company has more of a fast-paced tech environment, email is the way to go (make the subject line something like “Thanks for Your Time” or “Great Meeting You”).  

Last but not least: PROOFREAD. i.e. if you did not, in fact,  learn about the company’s accolades during the interview, it would be awkward if you left that particular line in your note. Also, if your note includes misspellings, it may do more harm than good. Don’t’ be afraid to ask for help from your ARG recruiter!