It’s Friday at 5. You’re wrapping up another successful week at work and thinking about how to make the next fifty or so hours the best they can be. So, how do you maximize the limited time you have? The weekend habits of a successful person involve using some well-known work week productivity strategies to get the most out of free time and set the next week up right.

All of the following habits revolve around the first and most important habit on this list: setting priorities. Prioritizing time for weekend habits that enrich your body, mind, and spirit will establish a healthy work/life balance and make for a happier, healthier you.


  • Wake up early. Keep that weekday alarm set in order to maintain your body’s natural circadian rhythm and maximize weekend time.
  • Exercise. You’ve probably heard of the many physical benefits of exercise, but here are a few reminders of how it can help with both happiness and productivity: increased energy, improved memory, and enhanced mood.
  • Drink plenty of water. It’s much easier to maintain hydration habits when your water bottle is right in front of you on your desk, but it’s still vital to stick to your 64 oz. per day goal. Try breaking down your goal into four 8-ounce glasses before noon and four 8-ounce glasses after noon.


  • Practice stillness. This can sometimes be the toughest kind of habit to maintain after a week of packed schedules and multitasking, but it’s a vital for maintaining focus and energy. Waking up early is a great way to integrate this habit because it’s easy to set aside time in the morning to simply drink a cup of coffee, meditate, or read a book.   
  • Unplug. As much as possible, avoid spending time on electronic devices by making it a weekend habit to unplug. You would be surprised how much time and focus can slip away when you’re behind a screen. Try downloading the Moment App if you are having trouble breaking your bad screen habits.
  • Reflection and goal-setting. Reflect on the triumphs of last week and the areas for improvement. Set goals for this weekend and for the upcoming week. This habit will provide clarity and focus.


  • Go outside. Especially if you work in a traditional office, prioritize time spent outside. Benefits of time spent outdoors include increased focus, creativity, and energy. Don’t forget the SPF!
  • Be with family and friends. Not only does this provide stress relief and increased self-esteem, but spending time with family and friends can help hold you accountable for maintaining all the other habits on this list.
  • Minimize chores. To keep your weekend focused on what’s actually important, try not to schedule daunting chores during this time–break chores up into smaller tasks completed throughout the week when you’re already in “work” mode. If doing chores is a must, it can easily be integrated into many of the other habits on this list (complete them with friends or family or outside!)

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